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Truly Great Coffee

Tired of bad coffee fast or expensive coffee slow.  Now there's a fresh, locally owned option.  We start with Boston Stoker and Seven Hills coffee beans roasted to perfection.  We grind the beans fresh each morning, make our drinks to order, and serve them with a smile.  We offer the largest selection of flavored lattes in the region, five brewed coffees daily including Boston Stoker's fabulous Highland Grogg everyday, delicious coffee smoothies, chai tea, and amazing mochas and hot chocolates made with real Ghirardelli chocolate.  Whether you crave a caramel macchiato, iced soy vanilla latte, gingerbread chai, or a sugar-free mocha coffee smoothie, we have you covered.  Come by and let our amazing team of baristas serve you up a delicious sip of pleasure in a cup.

Largest specialty latte selection in Dayton


Caramel pecan.  Eggnog.  Gingerbread chai.  Coconut banana. Pumpkin cheesecake.  Peppermint White Chocolate. Cinnamon Dolce.  Peanut Butter and Chocolate.  With more than 40 gourmet coffee syrups, we offer the most latte combinations in the region--a whopping 1681 combinations.  That means you could try a different latte every day for more than 4 years.  We also offer 17 sugar-free gourmet coffee syrups that can make 306 unique flavor combinations.  All lattes can be custom made hot or iced with heavy cream, half and half, or whole, 2%, skim, almond or soy milk.  Top them off with our special recipe homemade whipped cream and a little caramel or Hershey's chocolate drizzle and you have a delicious treat.  Go beyond limited options at national chains and get your coffee creative on.  We can't wait to see what amazing lattes you come up with.

Take Away Coffee


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

In 1986 Boston Stoker, founded in Englewood, Ohio, became one of 80 founding members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  They also established their first and longest standing trade relationship with Hacienda LaMinita in Costa Rica.  Soon these direct trade relationships with coffee farmers expanded to support other growers so they could create the best coffee.  Caring for the people and the earth that grows the coffee makes a fertile foundation for growing the very best coffee beans.

Also in 1986, Seven Hills Coffee Roasters was founded in the Bond Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati to bring better tasting coffee to restaurants and coffee shops.  In 1999, Seven Hills became one of the first Fair Trade coffee roasters in the country.  Again, the intent was to treat the people and the land that produces coffee in an ethical, sustainable manner.  

The unique cultures and flavors of Boston Stoker and Seven Hills coffees can be found each day at In-n-Out Java.  You can taste the pride of the workers in each cup of coffee goodness.  

Girl Holding Coffee Cup
Girl Holding Coffee Cup

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